Cell Seeker®  

Cell Seeker® is a powerful and configurable phone locator as well as a monitoring application for use with your cell phone.

Email from a Cell Seeker User:

I purchased Cell Seeker awhile ago for my wife and myself for use with our Black Berry Bolds (9630 and 9650). So far I have to say that after looking at all kinds GPS tracking software, Cell Seeker is the best. It is outstanding for what we use it for. Here in Alaska I often go out walking our dog. The weather here in the winter is tough. Wind chill can be well below zero. In the winter, there are no tourists or out of town folks. Just us locals. And there aren’t a lot of us. I walk our dog down to the water (dock area) and most of the time its dark and nobody is around. I have told my wife that if I don’t come home when I usually do, call me. She knows that I always have my phone on me and always answer it. If I don’t answer it something may have happened to me. I could have slipped on ice and hit my head or god forbid, something worse. Lying on the ground out here in winter is not good. You won’t last long. With Cell Seeker, she can now find out where I am and come get me or call the police. Anyway, we have great peace of mind now just doing day to day things like walking the dog.

--Cell Seeker User


Cell Seeker® is great for keeping track of your cell phone in the event it is ever lost or stolen. Monitor the location of family members.

Parents locate your children at any time, or have Cell Seeker® monitor your child’s location, and if your child ever leaves your home location, Cell Seeker® will automatically notify you via email and/or SMS.

Business owners, locate your business cell phones at any time. Ensure that your employees are staying within a defined radius of your business.

Call Me

If your cell phone is in someone’s possession, you can activate Cell Seeker® via Call Me to have your cell phone automatically call you in speakerphone mode. This will allow for you to speak to the person in possession of your cell phone.

Battery Level Monitor

Battery Level Monitor will send an email and SMS message when your battery level falls below a pre-defined percentage.

Power On Monitor

Power On monitor will send out an email and SMS message which contains the cell phones location if the phone is turned on.

Email Locations

Email responses and notifications sent from Cell Seeker® will contain location links to either Bing and/or Google.


Cell Seeker® Security Zone allows for you to define a secure radius from a defined home location, and if the cell phone leaves the secure area, an email and/or SMS message will be sent with the cell phones location. Another message will then be sent when the cell phone returns to its home location.

Holster Distress

Holster Distress is a security feature which requires you to press a predefined acknowledgment key after your cell phone is removed from it's holster. If the wrong key is selected or a time-out expires, Cell Seeker® will quietly send out email and SMS messages with the cell phones location.

Possible scenarios for the benefits of Holster Distress:

  • Someone steals your phone from the holster.
  • You or a loved one is in a distressful situation and find the need to silently send a distress message.
  • Someone with a disability can take the phone out of the holster and allow for the time-out period to expire, after which a distress message will be silently sent.

Distress for Cell Seeker

Distress for Cell Seeker is an add-on application which allows for activating a distress message using one of the convenience keys on your cell phone. This add-on is FREE.

SMS Locations

SMS responses and notifications sent from Cell Seeker® will contain location links to Google.

Blackberry Smartphones

Compatible with Blackberry smartphones OS version 4.5 and above.

Context Sensitive Help

Each Cell Seeker® configuration screen contains context sensitive help to assist you during the configuration process.

Blackberry Maps

Open Blackberry Maps from the email or SMS message which was sent by Cell Seeker®.

Trial Version

The trial version is a fully functional version of Cell Seeker® for a period of five days. After the five day period, Cell Seeker® will stop listening to email or SMS for activation messages.

Download the Cell Seeker® trial version from Blackberry App World™.


US English

Cell Seeker® PDF documentation can by downloaded by clicking here.


Cell Seeker® PDF documentation can by downloaded by clicking here.

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All the other apps I have used only sends incoming and this one sends both sent and incoming to any email. Great app and the price is fantastic! Thanks!
Click here for more information about SmsXfer.


If you have any questions or need assistance please send an email to support@cellseeker.net.


I installed Cell Seeker and had a problem setting it up to communicate with my e-mail but i shot off an email to support and got one of the speediest reply's from Jim who patiently helped me to get it up and running in no time. Well to make a long story short i will be ordering another for other cells in the family. On a test it found my phone to within 24 ft. Its a 2 thumbs up from me. -- Cell Seeker User

I looked around for an app that would help track my phone if I lost it. The first app I tried had pretty poor mapping capabilities which made it useless. This one shows the last time the GPS was picked up (ie before going into the parking garage)which is about as much as you can expect. It also has great features such as notifying me when the power is turned on or silently turning on the speakerphone so I can hear what is going on (all good measures if lost). For safety, it will even wipe the phone if lost and I thought that was a great 'in case of emergency' feature. I had a few questions when loading it on my Torch but had excellent help and quick response to my email questions. -- Blackberry App World User

Best tracking app on the market. Call me feature is amazing. Sooo pleased with this and customer support was also 5 star - response within an hour. Highly recommended.            -- Cell Seeker User